Transparent 3

Past middle age, Los Angeles area college professor Mort Pfefferman decides to act upon something he has felt all his life: to transition from being a male to a female. That transition includes becoming "Maura" instead of Mort. Maura looks for support from a new set of friends who have gone through the process before. A factor into Maura's process is her self-absorbed adult children: housewife and mother Sarah who seeks something else outside of that traditional family life; music executive Josh, whose own sexual history stems back to a long term relationship with someone known to the family; and chronically unemployed Ali, who is not averse to asking for money to more than live comfortably. Thrown into the mix is the children's mother, Mort's ex-wife Shelly who feels she has not had an identity of her own most of her life with Mort and the kids. As Maura goes through this process, she may discover there is precedent within her family, which may funnel down to the next generation as well.

Duration: 30 min/episode

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.8